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Diamond Hydropower Pvt. Ltd. (10 MW)

At present, the rate of increase in demand of electricity is far surpassing the rate of increase in production by construction of newer hydropower plants. To cope with the high rate of increase in demand, Government of Nepal has opened up opportunities for private participation in the hydropower development. Therefore, we have completed one 6MW Hydro power project under our group by Kalika Power Company Ltd. in Muchowk VDC, Gorkha which is in well operation now. Further, we have acquired another project downstream of our 6MW's project. We have already completed Feasibility study, Connection Agreement, PPA and got Generation License. Now, the project is in final stage of Detail Engineering Design and work can be started as soon as we received Detail Engineering Design Report. The final report is expected to come within the end of January 2017. This project is a run of the river type project with an installed capacity of 10 MW. The location of the project is 148 Km far from Kathmandu, Nepal and the road is all black topped.

Salient Features:


Latitude 28°03’29” N to 28°06’10” N
Longitude 84°38’52” E to 84°40’ 00” E
Headworks site Takumajh Lakuribot and Jaubari VDC
Powerhouse site Takukot, VDC
District Gorkha


Name of the river Daraudi
Type of scheme Run-off the River type
Gross Head 88.50
Installed capacity 10,000kw
Annual energy after outage 51.833GWh


Catchment Area upstream of intake 296 km2
Long-term annual average flow 22.386 m³/s
40% Exceedance flow (Design Discharge) 14.96 m³/s
Environmental release 0.098 m³/s
1:100 years return flood 299 m³/s
Annual average precipitation 1741mm


Type of Weir Broad crested free flow concrete weir
Crest Length 20m
Weir Crest Level El 578.50 m
Maximum Height of Weir 6.5m
High Flood Level 583.30


Length of First Phase Cofferdam 115 m
Length of Second Phase Cofferdam 90 m
Height above river bed 2.5 m
Shape of Cofferdam Trapezoidal with core material

Undersluice Dam

Type of structure Concrete
Deck level El 584.30 m
Crest elevation El 576.0 m
Number of bays 2
Crest length per bay 2.5 m
Gate type Vertical lift gate
Gate and stop log size 3.0 m x 2.5 m (W x H)


Type Side Intake
Number of bays 2
Deck Level 584.30m
Gate type Vertical lift gate
Gate size 1.70 m x 1.5 m (W x H)
Stop log size 1.70 m x 1.5 m (W x H)

Approach Canal

Length of Approach canal 30
Width of canal Single, 1.3m


Type of desander Surface, rectangular type
Design Discharge of Desander 3.08 m3/s
Depth and width of desander 4.5 m and 4.0 m
Length of Desander 20 m
Flushing Gates 4 nos.

headrace Pipe

Type Low pressure type, Circular steel pipe
Length 2950 m
Diameter of pipe 2.7m internal

Headrace Tunnel

Type of Tunnel Inverted D-Shaped, pressure flow tunnel
Length and Section of tunnel 2040m
Section of tunnel 3m, inverted D-shaped

Surge Tank

Type of Surge Tank restricted orifice cylindrical tank
Dia. of Surge Tank 7.9m, concrete lined
Height of surge tank from top of orifice 25m
Invert level of Surge Tank 556m
Dia. and height of orifice 1.4m dia.
Thickness of orifice 1m from crown level of pipe

Penstock Pipe

Number 1
Diameter 2.50 m
Length 724 + 2x24.31 m (bifurcated length)
Maximum shell thickness, Steel 16 mm


Length x width 30.00 m x 17.0 m
Center line of Turbine El 491.235 m
Invert Level of Draft Tube El 486.735m


Number of generating units 2
Turbine type Francis (horizontal axis)
Rated discharge for each unit 7.48
Turbine rated capacity 5 x 2 MW
Rated net head 78.49 m
Rated turbine efficiency 92 %


Rating per unit 5.9 MVA
Power Factor 0.85
Voltage 6.6 kV
Speed 600 rpm
Number of poles 10
Frequency 50 Hz
Efficiency 96 %


Type Three phase
Rating 5.9 MVA
Voltage Ratio 6.6/33 kV
Frequency 50 Hz
Efficiency 99 %

Transmission Line(33 kV)

Type 33kv, Single Circuit
Length of Transmission line 25km
Power evacuation point Middle Marshayngdi Substation


Type Rectangular, RCC Box
Size of Tailrace Channel 5.8mx2.5m (WxH, internal)
Length of Tailrace Canal 201m

Access road

Road to Headworks 0.5 km (approximately)
Road to Powerhouse site 0.5 km

Power and Energy

Installed capacity 10 MW
Dry season energy 8.588 GWh/year
Wet Season energy 43.244 GWh/year
Total energy 51.832 GWh/year

Construction Period

Construction period 2 years

Financial Indicators

Project cost NRs 1,960,426,580.00
Cost per kW NRs. 1960
Cost per kW US$1798 (1US$=NRs109)
Dry season Energy Benefit 8.4NRs/kWh
Wet season Energy Benefit 4.8 NRs/kWh
FIRR 12.82 % at 10% interest rate
Equity IRR 19.53 %
Payback period 7.24 years
Benefit-Cost Ratio 1.35